Preventative health care is a critical aspect of herd management to ensure optimal growth and efficiency of your herd. The veterinarians at the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic are available to consult on numerous herd management issues including mastitis prevention, reproductive management, replacement rearing, lameness prevention, and treatment of specific medical issues.

Obstetrical assistance is available to all of our large animal clients. This includes assistance with difficult calvings, c-sections, and prolapses post-calving. We are available to offer obstetrical assistance to both cattle and horses as needed. On-farm services are offered if facilities are suitable to ensure the safety and health of the animal, clients, and the veterinarian.

In the fall time, it is recommended that beef cows be examined for pregnancy. This is an effective tool to help determine which cows to keep and which ones to sell before the expensive winter feeding season. In addition, identification of open cows through pregnancy testing can allow for detection of potential herd diseases that cause early abortion or infertility. By detecting these issues early, measures can be taken to alleviate problems for future breedings. The Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic recommends pregnancy checks by palpation four to five months after turning out bulls for breeding.

Semen testing is an important reproductive service offered at the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic. Each bull is physically assessed for breeding soundness through a physical exam, testicular measurement, semen motility assessment, and a microscopic evaluation of sperm conformation. For larger groups, sperm conformation will often be evaluated at the clinic following collection of all samples. Copies of the results can be retained for your records or can be given to future buyers of the bulls. Our veterinarians are also available for consultation for any reproductive problems you may encounter with your bulls.

The veterinarians at the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic believe that prevention and proactive reproductive management are better alternatives than dealing with problems after they occur. Herd health reproductive consultations and development of vaccine protocols are done by the veterinarians at the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic. They are happy to attend and consult at the farm or have you come by the clinic to meet. The Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic currently aids in consultation and management for many beef and dairy herds in Parkland County.

Vaccination protocols recommended by veterinarians can be quite variable. There are a diverse number of products available, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the product, the key to success is ensuring the correct doses are administered to your animals at the right age, time of year, and interval. At the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic we strive to recommend vaccines and parasite control that are:

1) Effective in the prevention of disease loss
2) Cost competitive with other programs
3) Practical and straight forward for efficient administration
4) Going to provide the most growth at the best value

Click here to download our current recommended vaccination protocol as a PDF.

Our veterinarians have knowledge and expertise in routine surgical procedures such as correction of displaced abomasums, caesarean sections, rumenotomies, abdominal surgeries, dehorning, removal of tumours associated with cancer eye, fracture repairs, and many other surgical conditions. If uncertain of your animal’s condition, contact us as soon as possible in order for us to quickly and effectively treat your animal.

The veterinarians at the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic are trained and experienced in performing post-mortem examinations on animals. If you have had an animal that has died and you are left wondering what the cause of death was, our veterinarians are available to preform a thorough post-mortem evaluation.

If you have a bovine that is over the age of 30 months and is found dead or is dying (this includes calving issues like prolapses), call the clinic today to see if it qualifies for the BSE surveillance program provided by Alberta Agriculture. All suitable submissions provided to the government lab are renumerated and the veterinary visit and post mortem bills are covered by the government.

Feel free to call the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic for advice or to book a call with a veterinarian for any health related issues with your sheep, goats, alpacas or llamas.