Dogs & Cats

Health Exams

At the Meridian Veterinary Clinic we recommend annual wellness exams for all your pets. By visiting the veterinarian annually for life, you are providing your pet with an optimal chance at life-long health. An annual check-up allows us to work towards preventing medical problems before they start, as well as detect and treat arising problems as quickly as possible. Often, diseases in our pets progress much more quickly than we are prepared for, and many of these conditions can be slowed or reversed when caught early and appropriately treated. Some breeds, such as boxers, are predisposed to developing specific health conditions at variable stages of their lives. Our veterinarians individualize your pet’s wellness exam to monitor for breed or age-specific illnesses, and work with you to ensure your animal achieves his or her highest quality of life.

While in your appointment, we encourage you to ask questions in regards to your pet’s health. During your pet’s exam, be prepared to discuss nutrition, weight management, behavioural modification, medical screening tests, or dental care with your veterinarian. At Meridian Veterinary Clinic, we strive to treat every pet as if it were our own.

Yellow Lab puppy receives a health examination.