Preventative care for your horse starts with good nutrition and health management. We can assist you with developing your feeding plan and provide advice which will help keep your horse active and healthy. We recommend annual examinations to maintain overall health, dental care, and vaccinations tailored to each individual equine patient. We further recommend a deworming program that starts with regular fecal examinations; schedules can be designed for your farm based on in house lab tests and identification of parasites. Information regarding nutrition and hoof care is also available as a part of the consultation process.

Like dogs and cats, horses are susceptible to a wide range of bacterial and viral diseases, and just like dogs and cats these bacteria and viruses can be kept at bay with diligent vaccination. There are a number of vaccines that should be considered for your horse. At the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic we recommend vaccinating all horses for Eastern and Western Equine Encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickness), West Nile Virus, Tetanus and Rabies. In addition, for horses that travel and show, we further recommend herpes virus, influenza virus and strangles. Call the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic today and our animal health care team can help personalize your horse’s vaccination program.

The veterinarians at the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic are trained and experienced to provide our equine clients with basic surgical services such as routine castrations, wound repair, caslick placement, and minor lump removal.

A horse’s condition and comfort can be greatly affected by the state of his or her teeth. Annual dental examinations and routine dental care will ensure that your horse is comfortable while taking part in day to day activities such as eating or riding. Dental floats are performed using a power float to safely and efficiently reduce sharp enamel points inevitably found on your horse’s teeth. General maintenance such as wolf tooth extractions, cap removal, and point and hook reductions will also improve your horses comfort, condition, and performance.